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I was wrong and Transcendence was bad

December 25, 2014

I made a post over year ago predicting that Transcendence would be a movie my friends enjoyed.  The movie got terrible reviews from the critics.  Having seen it, I am confident (without having asked many of my friends) that my prediction, which I had pegged as 80% likely, was wrong.

I don’t think Transcendence was as bad as the movie critics found it.  That said, there were some painful moments – one so bad I feel compelled to mention it (no, it’s not really a spoiler).  While Evelyn is working with Will’s uploaded data and trying to bring an intelligence out of it, she says “I’ve tried everything.  Language processing, cryptography… coding”.  Anyways, I don’t recommend you watch the movie.

If you’re gonna watch a big blockbuster sci-fi movie, I recommend Interstellar, which I enjoyed greatly.

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