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May 23, 2013

There’s a movie which is planned for release about a year from now, about the singularity.  Here are some potential selling points:

  • Themes of uploads and the singularity, and even nanotechnology
  • Christopher Nolan
  • Johnny Depp, Morgan Freeman (voicing the singularity?!), Cillian Murphy, and some other “stars” I haven’t heard of

The premise is apparently that Johnny Depp and two other scientists have been working on code for a self-aware computer (via uploads?).  Depp gets killed by anti-technology “terrorists”, and then uploaded into a supercomputer.  After gaining internet access, he backs himself up to every computer in the world.

Overall, not too much is known about it, at this point.  But it seems like it could be a pretty reasonable plot, and as someone pointed out, it sounds like the technophiles probably won’t be the bad guys.  A depiction of an AI with access to the internet attempting to gain power in the world would be highly amusing, if done well.  And the movie may touch upon interesting philosophical points and upon AI risk.

Some of my friends are excited (for different reasons), while at least one other is skeptical.  I am very hopeful.  True, most likely, there will be some highly unnecessary action scenes, and some questionable futurism.  Nevertheless, even if the movie is more likely to be mediocre, I’m quite excited for the long tail of the movie’s awesomeness distribution.

My (possibly bold) prediction:  More than half of my friends, after having seen the movie, when asked whether the movie was in the top 5% of movies they’d watched, say yes.  Probability 80%

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