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On changing beliefs

September 10, 2012

I often feel like I’m much wiser than the me from a year ago. This could be because I’ve always been arrogant, or misjudge my past self, or particularly notice the things currently on my mind.  But optimistically (or, arrogantly), it’s because I’ve learned a lot from my experiences or from more careful thought.  If you don’t feel like this, you might want to consider why.  Is it because you refuse to update?  Or are you really that good at induction?

This also makes me sympathetic to people who seem to think silly things.  You should too, I reckon.  Things always seem far more obvious after you’ve thought of them.  Of course, it could be simply that you’re smarter than them.  But you should at least think of your past self as silly, also.

In particular, I suspect I’ll often find my old posts somewhat silly.  Indeed, my opinions on some of the posted topics have already changed.  But hopefully, that won’t happen for this one.  (If so, forgive me, future self, for being so silly!)


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