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August 5, 2012
  • Interesting debate.  Not sure who I agree with (or to what extents I agree with which person).  Or maybe that just means I agree a little bit with both of them…
  • Organism’s entire life cycle simulated by software.  Sounds like potentially big news, though I’m not sure exactly what it means.  At any rate, my timelines for this sort of thing have decreased slightly now…
  • Great post on overreacting to rare risks, after the fact.  Reminds me of when people lose a loved one to a rare disease, and decide then that it’s cure is a very important cause to support.  Of course, this sort of behavior does lead to many people supporting common diseases, which is good.  But when we have the data, we should evaluate based on whether things are likely to happen, not whether they did happen.  Everyone should care about the most common/impactful diseases in the first place, not only those who witnessed its impact, and everyone shouldn’t care much about rare diseases, even those who witnessed its impact.
  • This question was mentioned to me in my college interview for MIT.   It’s intuitive that it’s good to go at the speed of the wind, when the wind goes in the right direction, and I mentioned this back then.  I remember being unsure for when it was going in the wrong direction (even just for the 2D case), or falling straight down.  Sounds like the other cases aren’t that easy, and depend on the parameters more.  Anyways, I hate getting wet, and I don’t mind running, so I think I’ll run quickly in situations like this.  (I’d guess I’m not sufficiently thin to make that non-optimal, in most situations.)
  • How secure is your password?  Dumb but amusing site, mainly for seeing the number of years grow.  I’m guessing it simply checks whether the password is common, and otherwise uses its length.  Perhaps don’t actually enter in your password…

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