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July 6, 2012
  • New York City life expectancies go up fast.  Interesting.  Obviously is not directly related to Bloomberg’s ban, although I’m very curious what the real reason is (and will probably never get an answer).  To me, the ban seems a bit over-protective, but I might be underestimating its effect.
  • Do people drink to lower standards?   I believe it, but only to a small extent.  It certainly seems true that drinking often lets people lower standards for attractiveness, and for humor.  But people obviously drink primarily for other reasons.  Pretty interesting, still.  And is lowering standards bad?  Is it bad to eat chocolate if it lowers your happiness standards?
  • A post I really like about people and having different values.  I have thought many of the same things and tried to adopt a similar philosophy.  Even then, the ideas are well-written in this post, and it was worth my time to read.  
  • Games are a nice simple setting for studying markets.  Hilarious things can happen, though.  I guess things like this happen in the real economy too, but I don’t understand as well.
  • Amusing video about uploads.  Not sure how much I agree with all their points, but still a very interesting video.  

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