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May 15, 2012

Another set of links, since I’ve still been lazy about writing posts…

  • Robin Hanson on health insurance. Super good read.
  • A warning to skinny Asians? . Not sure how credible this is.
  • For Super Smash Bros Melee fans (who were disappointed by Brawl).  I’m really optimistic about this game being good and want to play it. Unfortunately, L-cancelling is back in, though…
  • A funny market.  Even though these jockeys subvert the government’s original intent, it seems good that the market exists.
  • The lost smart phones experiment. Conditioned on picking up the phone, the person is probably more malicious, but not by too much. They should also poll a separate random group of people and see what they report they think they “would” open. (There are selection bias issues, of course.) I think I would’ve opened many of those things, but I’m pretty sure I would’ve also tried to return the phone.  Edit:  A separate study suggests people are probably likely to return lost phones.  Where is this disparity coming from (besides the obvious question marks of data integrity and interpretation)?  First of all, not returning a phone is much different than being curious enough to poke around at private data.  Secondly, if the phones in the second study aren’t smart phones, they are much less valuable.  Third, the articles just have their own negative and positive slant to them.  The negative result and headline will get more attention as a news item, and the positive result and (overly positive) headline will make the police department look better.

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