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Hello world

March 25, 2012

TLDR:  Hello world!  I’m starting a blog – mainly to record my thoughts, but also to share them (and my interesting life).


Hello world!  I’m starting this blog, primarily because:

  1. I have a lot of arguments/ideas which I never write down. Doing so seems to be a good way of organizing your thoughts and to have them recorded in some fashion.
  2. My life is awesome and amusing, and I might as well share the things I enjoy with those who care to listen.

You can safely expect bad writing (and a limited vocabulary), here – I’m a computer science and math nerd, and I disregard many elements of style in general (for example, I use a lot of parentheses (indeed, I often nest them, especially given the opportunity for self-reference)). Luckily, blogging might help me become a better writer over time.

I decided to call this Glob of Thoughts because it sounded right, and I like shuffling around letters.  (speaking of which, if you haven’t played the flash game Blocks With Letters On, play it now!  and the sequels!)   Not sure how often I will be globbing yet, but topics will likely be very varied, and may or may not include:

  • math and computer science, science, logic
  • technology, economy, social/political issues
  • people, cognition, emotions, love
  • (ir)rationality, self-improvement, human value systems, my values
  • futuristic things, existential risk, artificial intelligence
  • things from my life, sports, games, derpy things, music
  • other random things I find amusing, random ideas, random humor, random randomness, etc.

Anyways, this blog will probably end up existing primarily for the first reason (i.e. the blog will be for my own purposes, not for others), but there is a small number of worlds in which it gets some outside readership.  So although I am probably the only reader in a randomly selected world, I hope I am not the randomly selected reader across all worlds.  Thus I will pretend I am writing to an audience.  So, reader – welcome to my blog!


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